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QTZ315 tower crane for horizontal arm, car horns, turning on hydraulic jack-up cranes, maximum lifting weight for 16t.

The characteristics:

(1) performance parameters and technical indexes have reached the domestic leading, the international advanced level, the maximum working range of 70 meters, increases the working space of the tower.

(2) for the international popular form of the shape, the beauty is generous.

(3) working mode, use range. Have basic fixed, wall attachment two way of working, suitable for various construction object, Independent hoisting height 48 meters high magnification, 2, 4, 183 magnification.they 93 meters.

(4) working speed, good performance, high speed, high efficiency, stable job.

Lifting mechanism by frequency conversion motor, can achieve high speed and heavy load, the maximum speed can reach 63m/min.

Car luffing mechanism using torque motor car in horizontal arm traction transformer, has a good performance in the installation.

Using torque motor rotation, high bearing capacity, smooth, reliable working, starting with greatdifficulty wind resistance.

(5) crane arm with rigid dual bars hang, good rigidity, light weight, small, wind resistance, stress, beautiful appearance.

(6) various safety device, can ensure the work safety and reliability.

(7) the independent, vision, good side to create a good operator working environment.

(8) use convenient maintenance.

The maximum height of installation to work independently, when the amplitude of gravity (excluding attached counterweight, foundation and 76.7 device), the total installed capacity of t 180KW, widely used in high-rise buildings, hotels, is the large-scale construction project construction enterprise ideal of construction machinery.

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