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  QTZ160tower crane was designed by China Construction Scientific Research Institute Construction Mechanization Sub-Institute and developed by our company. It is a multiple-function hydraulic auto-lift tower machine characteristic of upper-circumgyrating, horizontal arm and variable range with small cabin. The lifting moment is 1600KN.m, and the maximum lifting power is 12t. When independently installed, the maximum lifting height can reach 60m, and with attachments the lifting height can reach 201m. The maximum range of it is 60m.

 And it has the following characteristics:

1.     Lifting multiplying factor switchover automatically, without operator’s intervention.

2.     Ahead of all domestic competitors, we are the first manufacturer to adopt lifting rope verticality limit mechanism, which decreases the lifting rope vertical angle under free load lifting mode, and highly improves the tower crane steering performance.

3.     Our standard sections are exchangeable with the H3/36B standard sections,which provides our customers more conveniences.

4.     We adopt to use Dual drawbars structure on lifting boom, which enables the lifting boom to be under no stress at lifting surface other than uniaxial stress, and moreover, it gets rid of the stress peak. It greatly improves the fatigue safety performance of lifting boom.

5.     Adopts VVVF stepless speed variation device for lifting, radius changing and slewing mechanisms, to make sure it works steadily and effectively, it also lowers the maintenance cost.

6.     The equipment adopts to use non-contact computer control system, which provides the high reliability and full functions to avoid drivers’ miss-operation.

7.     Large variation range of boom support, to satisfy the wide construction needs.

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