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    QTZ250 tower by my company is developed and large tower. The tower for turning on the shelf, the car horn level arm, hydraulic ZiSheng walk type tower. Rated lifting torque for 2500 kN m., biggest independent lifting height for 46 m, maximum lifting weight for 12 tons, the most greatly place up to 3 tons of weight, the most greatly for 70 m.

    The tower design is reasonable, the standard section for chip, and greatly reduce the costs of transportation. Modelling beautiful, quality excellent, safe, reliable, and is the building of enterprise ideal building construction machinery. The machine has a hoisting, slewing, derricking and roof up, walk five kinds of work units, hoisting, slewing, luffing independently or composite action to improve the work efficiency. Roof up mechanism for mai take high or drop tower; Used to expand the space walk to work. Three big institutions through the variable frequency speed regulation produce various different speed to meet the needs of the different working conditions. Hoist boom can be positive and negative spin 560, slewing, luffing flexible reliable, hoisting in place accurate, and can be one-time meet in vertical and horizontal construction of transportation needs.

    The machine has the weight limit device, torque limiter, lifting height limit device, amplitude limit device and rotary limiters device. Safety protection device is sensitive and reliable, ensure the normal work tower. In addition, but also is equipped with the rest platform, such as fence safety protection facilities. The driver room independent side buy, beautiful modelling, vision and interior space is big, easy to operate.

    This machine can be widely used in high-rise hotel, residential, industrial building, top of the large span industrial workshop, such as high chimney large construction projects.

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