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    QTZ105 (HS5516P) tower by my company is developed and large tower. The tower for turning on the shelf, the car horn level arm, no tower cap, hydraulic ZiSheng. Rated lifting torque for 1050 kN m., independent erection was maximum lifting height of 43.5 m, and attached to the maximum lifting height is 170 m, maximum lifting weight for 8 tons, the most greatly place up to 1.6 tons of weight, the most greatly for 55 m.

    The biggest characteristic tower: (1) the standard section of the space is little chip, transport costs low. (2) tower overall intensity is high, most of the materials are used the tower Q345B (manganese steel), make use of the tower more security, the service life is longer. (3) due to the unique design, making the overall upper tower weight, reduce the prevailing wind direction, force reduction. (4) the flat roof top without tower cap design, more can apply the requirement of cross homework, and can even make full use of space and the effective high tower. (5) the forearm unique design has altered the forearm force situation, no longer tension and compression of alternating stress. (6) the forearm transformation convenient, do not need to be born can change the forearm arm. At the same time the connection of the festival is also very simple. (7) greatly reduce the disassembling of tower crane equipment needed for the lifting capacity requirements. Crew cut tower due to the elimination of the tower head, the unit of small, height of installation quality low, the biggest installation height of the tower at the same level than other reduce more than 10 m. Ordinary tower crane boom installation must be on the ground to arms frame, tension bar and so on all connect the integral hoisting again, this time to the requirements of the lifting equipment is the highest, with a lot of lifting weight and lifting height. Because arm root pin shaft even good after he will raise many big arms to the arm bars even good, install the arm bars was easy to appear safety accidents, and even tower was completely improve the installation. This design has fully considered the special needs of the users, using a variety of basic form, especially the tower can be made according to the customer demand walk type, expand the application places.
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