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HZS25 type concrete batching plant, the production of concrete set of special equipment. This equipment has the mixing of good quality, high productivity, measurement accuracy, reliable performance, high degree of automation, dismantling quickly and so on the characteristic. Able to produce all kinds of plastic, harsh, light material concrete and various kinds of mortar. Widely used in industry, civil construction, highways, railways, Bridges, electricity, water, ports, airports and other projects of concrete construction.

HZS25 type concrete batching plant for fission combined, will store materials, ingredients, measuring, mixing, transportation and so on organic combination function. Reasonable structure, mobile nimble, is the ideal concrete construction team production equipment.


The main performance parameters

Rating: 25 m3 / h

Supporting host JS500

The quality of the 30 t

Discharge to a height of 1.6 m

The power of 65 kw

Covers an area of 25000 x 10500 (the best callus induction)

1, mixing system

Type JS500.

Feed capacity of 800 l

Discharge capacity of 500 l

Mixing motor power 18.5 kw

Stirring shaft speed 35.5 r/min

Hoist model YEZ132S - 4

Winch power 5.5 KW

Hoist speed and m/min

Steel wire rope 6 × 37-11-15 5 - Ⅰ - light - right into L = 24 m

2, sandstone batching system

Sand surge bin volume 2 x 3.5 m3

Belt conveying capacity of 216 t/h

Weighing hopper volume 1.2 m3

Motor power 4 kw

Ingredients cycle and s

Tape speed of 1.6 m/s

3, cement system

Cement tank fifty t (2 sets)

Screw conveyor (diameter 219) 25 t/h (2 sets)

Screw conveyor power 7.5 KW

Cement weighing hopper volume 0.55 m3

4, water system

Water pump model IS65 - fifty - 125

Pump flow 28.2 m3 / h

Motor power 3 kw

Yang cheng 16.3 m

Tank capacity 3 m3

5, additive system

Magnetic pump type CQF32-25-15

Additive pump flow 110 l/M

Yang cheng 15 m

Work rate 1.1 KW

Additive capacity 1 m3

6, measuring accuracy range

Sand weighing precision plus or minus 2%

Cement weighing precision plus or minus 1%

Water measuring accuracy plus or minus 2%

Additive measurement accuracy plus or minus 2%

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