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    HLS60 concrete agitating equipment is similar as agitating station on virtues such as low investment, moveable, less occupied area, etc, it also has virtues as agitating tower such as high working efficiency, good reliability, etc.

   As the large-middle sized concrete agitating equipment, this product could perform functions as aggregates storage, measuring, agitating, etc, and it also has the following features:  productivity is about60m³/h (theoretical value), and JS1000 (or MSO1500/1000) is adopted as the associated main engine, dual shaft forcing agitator, concrete dumping height3.8m. It is suitable to agitate all kinds of concrete, especially suitable for harsh concrete. It could be applied to construction works such as large-middle scale construction projects, hydroelectricity projects, highway projects, harbor construction projects, dock construction, bridge construction, etc, and for enterprises like large-middle scale pre-cast production factory, concrete factory.

   Storage silos of this equipment is arranged to be in a line. And during loading, the loading machine could storage three types of aggregates at same time. Four types of aggregates could also be stored as per user’s requirement. The measuring of aggregates would be carried out at ground level, and measured aggregates would be transferred to aggregate storage hopper on top tower by the slanting belt conveyor. Each aggregate storage hopper could hold one drum of measured aggregate. As per user’s requirement, cement powder batching system could be equipped with three cement silos, one coal duct silo. Four types of powder material could be conveyed to measuring hopper by respective screw conveyors. Water, liquid additive would be transferred to measuring hopper by transfer pump. The equipment is functioned with computer control, electric scales measuring, to gain high accuracy and least error. It also has functions like monitor display, blending ratio control, fall head automatic compensate, sandstone water content compensation, etc. (The detector of sandstone water content needs to be purchased separately.) The agitating could be performed through manual mode and automatic control mode. Other than the above-mentioned items, it equipped with printer and monitoring system, so as to realize the integral control and integral manage on the whole equipment.


 = 2 \* ROMAN II.  Main Parameters and Performances Index

Productivity: 60m³/h    Associated Main Engine: JS1000 (or MSO1500/22500)

Dumping Height:3.8m   Aggregate Measure Accuracy: ±2%

Cement Measure Accuracy: ±1% Coal Dust Measure Accuracy: ±1%

Conveying Rate:160m³/h    Aggregate Storage Capacity: 3 X15 m³

Cement Storage Silo: SNC100 Cement Screw Conveyor: f273 X 9000

Coal Dust Storage: SNC100 Coal Dust Conveyor f273 X 9000

Total Power: 145kw Total weight: 30T (Cement Storage and Screw Conveyor not included).


  1. Blending System

1.1  Aggregate Storage Silo

           Capacity:                         3×15 m³

           Feeding Height:             3.96 m

1.2  Aggregate Scale

           Type: Electric Scale

Belt Width:                    650 mm

Belt Speed:                             1.25m/s

Belt Conveying Capacity:      160m³/h   

Motor Drive Roller Type:       YZ 11-1.25-500 × 650(B)

Power:                                     11kw

Conveying Scale Max Measure Value:    2500Kg

Measure Accuracy:                                    ±2%

1.3  Slanting Belt:

Conveying Capacity:                               160m³/h   

Belt Width:                                              650mm

Belt Speed:                                               1.6m/s

Conveying Angle:                                    α=18º

Motor Drive Roller Type:                       YZN15-2-500 × 650(B)

Power:                                                      15kw

1.4  Associated Cement Silo SNC100 (Specially Ordered)

                   Capacity:                                                 100t

                   Diameter:                                               2.8m

1.5  Cement Screw Conveyor LSJ40 (specially Ordered From WAM ofItaly)

                   Conveying Capacity:                              40t/h

                   Conveying Length:                                9m

                   Conveying Angle:                                  42º

                   Power:                                                    15kw

1.6  Associated Coal Dust Silo SNC100 (Specially Ordered)

                   Capacity:                                                100t

                   Diameter:                                              2.8m

1.7  Coal Dust Screw Conveyor LSJ40 (specially Ordered From WAM ofItaly)

                   Conveying Capacity:                              40t/h

                   Conveying Angle:                                  42º

                   Conveying Length:                                9m

                   Motor Power:                                         15kw

1.8  Water Supply

Pump Type:                                           IS65-50-125

Pump Power:                                        3kw

Pump Capacity:                                   50m³/h

1.9  Additive Feeding System

Feeding Pump Type:                            IHG25-125

Power:                                                  0.75kw ×4

Pump:                                                   IHG40-100 (I) A

Butterfly Value:                                   D671J-10      Dg=50

Flushing Solenoid:                               PU220-04A


2.   Agitating System

                    Agitating Main Engine:                       MSO1500/1000 (or JS1000)

                    Agitating Diameter:                             60/80

Motor Power:                                      2 × 22kw


3.   Measuring System

3.1  Cement Measure

Type:                                                   Electronic Scales

MAX Weighing Value:                     600kg

Accuracy:                                           ±1%

3.2  Coal Dust Measure

Type:                                            Electronic Scales

MAX Weighing Value:              200kg

Accuracy:                                    ±1%

3.3  Additive

Type:                                           Electronic Scales

MAX Weighing Value:             20kg

Accuracy:                                   ±1%

3.4  Water Weighing

Type:                                          Electronic Scales

MAX Weighing Value:             400kg

Accuracy:                                   ±1%


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